Our Story

We are Peter and Maureen and this is our farm. We started our farm in order to put principles of ecological restoration into practice, to provide nourishing food for our family and community, and build a healthy home for our family. We farm on 220 acres in the Driftless area of Southwest Wisconsin.

Peter brings his ecological background to his farming practice. He spent a decade at UW-Madison, teaching courses in ecology and complex systems theory, and researching the history and functioning of midwestern ecosystems. He realized the critical role that animals play in the creation and maintenance of functional ecosystems. He also realized that in order to achieve broad-scale ecological restoration, it must be an economical viable pursuit.

He therefore became determined to work with livestock toward ecological regeneration, and Mastodon Valley Farm was born. Now he spends his days observing and interacting with an increasing diversity of plants and animals working in concert towards the abundant production of food, medicine, fiber, lumber, and energy.  He continues to teach through our on-farm courses and consults with other landowners interested in implementing regenerative techniques on their own sites.
Maureen manifests the homestead – mother, gardener, health care provider, and chef. She grows our vegetables, medicinal herbs and fruits. She is constantly learning and developing holistic approaches to farm and family health. She creates nourishing meals, experimenting daily with new recipes supplied from the bounty of our landscape.

We have three dogs that are vital to our farm and family. They protect the livestock from predators, help return the goats when they escape from their paddock, and are always ready to run and play.


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