Our Animals

Herbivores are critical components of any healthy ecosystem. We partner with cattle, sheep, and pigs to regenerate our savanna pastures and provide nourishing meats for our family and meat shares. We love our animals and make sure they get to live the awesome lives the they were meant to live. Our animals are slaughtered on-farm, right in the pasture, in the most stress-free, humane way possible, providing us with amazingly delicious and healthy meats, fats, and bones.


We are proud to produce our beyond organic grass-fed beef from our own herd of beautiful cows.We raise a mix of Red Devon, ed Angus, and Galloway breeds to produce animals that thrive on our farm’s forage, stay healthy, and get fat on grass.  We do NOT feed grain, or use antibiotics, commercial wormers or hormones, of course. Our calves are born and raised on our farm and they all spend their days outside rapidly rotating through our diverse pastures and shady savannas providing all the peak-nutrition food and medicine they need to thrive. Our beef is thus incredibly flavorful, healthy, and nutritious. We use low-stress stock handling techniques and do our best to ensure our animals all live healthy and happy lives. They are our friends. We take care of our friends and they take care of us.


We are building a flock of sheep to help manage woody vegetation on overgrown hillsides, provide delicious meat, and produce a soft wool to help keep us warm in winter! We have started with Katahdin and Ramboilettt, a breed known for its soft, merino-like wool and tender meat production. They are critical members of the farm ecosystem, thriving off the abundant prickly ash and multiflora rose shrubs that can otherwise overtake pastures.  In addition, they also regularly nibble from some of the 4 different mint species growing on our hills. Our lamb chops don’t need mint sauce – the flavor is already in there! We’re also excited to be partnering with Ewetopia Fiber Shop and Mill in Viroqua to locally process our wool into yarn!


Each year we raise a few litters of heritage breed hogs like Red Wattles, Large Blacks, Mulefoot, Tamworths, and Berkshires. We rotate our pigs through woods and pasture so they eat diets just like pigs are meant to! Lots of grass, clover, apples, acorns, hickory nuts, grubs, and dirt. They even like to eat thistles! They always have plenty of food, water, shelter, and ponds to wallow in! Our pigs live seriously awesome lives. If you ever come and visit, you’ll see why they’re so happy all the time. They eat awesome food and get to play and nap with their friends all day. We love these guys!We feed a modest ration of local, non-GMO, organic grain and grass-fed raw milk. and of course we never use antibiotics, commercial wormers, hormones, or pesticides.