Meat CSA – Half Share

  • $120.00 every 2 months

    12lb. bundle of our grass-fed beef and pastured pork delivered every-other month

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    All Meat-CSA signups require credit card payment for the first month. The cash/check option applies for all payments following the first month.


  • 12lbs. bundle every-other month of our grass-fed beef and pastured pork
  • Usually includes approximately 2 lbs. beef NY strip, ribeye, sirloin and/or tenderloin steaks, 3 lbs. beef or pork roast, 1 lbs. pork chops, 4 lbs. ground beef and pork, 1 lb. pork sausage/bratwurst, and 1 lbs. bacon.
  • Contents are customizable month-to-month, just let just know what you want or don’t want
  • Add-ons including eggs, sauerkraut, lard, and bones for broth available seasonally
  • Payments processed every-other month
  • Best option for singles/couples/small families that cook occasionally
  • See our Meat CSA page for more details.

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