We enjoy working with enthusiastic folks who are dedicated to developing their knowledge and skills towards the holistic management of regenerative ecosystems and enterprises.

Our internships offer direct learning experiences in the development and day-to-day management of broad-acre regenerative agricultural enterprises and off-grid homestead. Learning-by doing. In addition, interns enjoy participation in our summer Permaculture Design Course and access to the fat of our landscape – meat, lard, veggies, greens, fruits, and nuts.

• Savanna management – Learn how to strategically harvest specific species of brush, small, and large trees to open up the canopy to enhance diversity and future forage production while optimally utilizing biomass for building materials, firewood, mushroom production, livestock forage, wood chips, and biochar. Help cut down and process trees and brush. Help build tree protectors for wild apple trees. If you don’t know your tree species, you should. Turn off your screen, go outside, and start learning.

• Rotational multi-species grazing – Learn how to manage rotations of cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs across woody hillsides, open ridges, and valley pastures, how to observe pasture and animal condition and the adaptive process of balancing animal, pasture, and ecological health and performance. Learn low-stress animal handling techniques and facilities. Help build and maintain portable solar electronet and polywire, and permanent multi-species fencing systems.  If you don’t know your grass and flower species, start learning now.

 Timber Framing – Learn how we designed and built our timber-frame home. Help us with various logging, milling, and construction projects as we continue building timber frame structures around the farm.

• Forest Gardening  – Learn how we manage an abundance of fruit and nut trees, vines, and shrubs, from baby apples to 200 year-old oaks. Help plant, propagate, protect, graft, and harvest.

• Annual Gardening – We have a large kitchen garden that keeps us fed and we grow larger patches of squash, corn, and other annuals. You’ll learn how we set up our gardens and will occasionally help us tend them.


We have everything a human needs. Clean spring water, nutritious food, and basic shelter. We do not, however, have the modern amenities most folks are used to. If you’re not OK sleeping in a tiny space, carrying water, and going for days without showering, this isn’t for you.


Basic Qualification

  • Committed to becoming a regenerative farmer
  • Basic plant knowledge and ability to identify species
  • Ability to learn fast
  • Ability to complete physically demanding tasks and walk up and down steep slopes
  • Willing to work in various weather conditions
  • Self-determination and willingness to solve problems
  • Ability to think critically and creatively
  • General comfort around large animals and machines
  • Ability to spend at least an entire day without checking email, social media, or seeing a screen of any kind
  • Ability to thoroughly taste and enjoy real food
  • Willing to drink non-chlorinated and non-fluorinated spring water
  • Ability to daily utilize and manage a composting toilet
  • Ability to thrive in basic living conditions without many modern amenities

Bonus Qualifications – 

  • Carpentry experience and skills
  • Machinery maintenance and fix-it skills
  • Audio/Video skills
  • Experience planning and operating vegetable CSA
  • Able to bring/build your own housing (camper, yurt, treehouse, etc…)
  • Hoping to permanently homestead and farm here in Southwest Wisconsin.

We expect interns to commit to a full season (May-October), help with daily farm chores, and assist with various projects around the farm. In exchange for labor, we’ll teach you what we know about farming, livestock management, enterprise development, and homesteading. You’ll get an intimate look at the reality of living off the land and the management of complex ecologies and enterprises. You’ll get to attend our summer Permaculture Design Course. You’ll get to eat the best food in the world. Our intention is to set up a fair exchange of labor for education, experience, and food.

If this sounds awesome and you’d like to apply, email Peter and let him know who you are and how you think you can help.