Newsletter – October 2017



It’s been dry dry dry. We had our wettest spring in history this year, and then the rain stopped completely. We were lucky to get a bit of rain a couple weeks ago, but besides that it’s been dry since the July. Our grass stopped growing back in August  and many of the tree leaves have already turned brown and fallen to the ground. We’ve been feeding hay this month, three months before normal. We’re really hopeful for some rain this week so the grass can grow in the cooler weather and we can get another round of grazing on our pastures before winter. Do a little rain dance for us!

The cows got out! For the first time since we’ve been here, the cows escaped our farm. Usually we have better grass than the surrounding area, so the cows don’t want to leave. But because it’s been so dry, our grass isn’t that great, so when the cows sound a spot where a storm had taken down a tree and a section of fence, they ventured out through the woods and into our neighbor’s corn field. It was a day or two before I found them with big fat corn bellies. Good thing they’re all well trained because they were over a mile away from the farm. I called out “Hey Cooooows!” and they all got up and followed me, single file, back to the farm. They enjoyed their cheat day and were a bit disappointed when I fixed the fence, but now they’re back to their 100% grass-fed diet, and doing just fine.

We got our first batch of yarn back from the new Ewetopia fiber mill down the road in La Farge. It’s beautiful soft wool, and Maureen is excited to make us all sweaters that will match our sheep!

Recipe of the Month

We’ve be loving grilled pork chops lately. With the abundance of delicious apples ripe across the midwest this month, we’ve been loving this recipe for Pan-Seared Pork Chops with Apples