Newsletter – September 2017

August just ended and it already feels like fall. The mornings are cooler and the maple leaves already have a hint of yellow on the edges. We had the wettest spring in history and now we’re in a drought. The grass stopped growing! Peter goes out everyday with a chainsaw and cuts down elm, prickly ash, box elder, and mulberry for the cows and sheep. It’s much cheaper than feeding hay and the animals love it. They come running as soon as they hear the chainsaw fire up. We’re really hoping for rain this week so we can keep grazing through the fall! Otherwise, we’ll have to start feeding hay in a few weeks and we won’t be able to afford to do that for long.

The majority of August was spent running our bandsaw mill, sun up to sun down, every single day. Maureen’s dad, Leif, has been running the mill while Peter felled and limbed pine trees, and stickered and stacked the finished wood in the barn while apprentice Rachael cleared brush and made woodchips. We now have stacks upon stacks of beautiful white pine posts, beams, panneling, flooring, stairs, counter tops, framing lumber, and shelves – a whole home’s worth of wood. Due to this small hindrance in our climate called winter, which seems to be coming soon, we are pausing the frame raising for now and delaying until 2018. That will give us a chance this winter to spend that time tending to animals, planing and sanding boards and beginning all of the joinery for our frame. There is a beautiful concrete foundation in place to motivate us, so we won’t get discouraged.

September Shares

Along with your meat shares this month, we have lots of add-ons available including braunschweiger, chickens, lard, and yummy organic apples. You can order add-ons here.

There are some gorgeous pork chops are in shares this month. You’ll notice the deep red color and excellent fat color and marbling. I enjoyed this article by Melissa Clark from The New York Times about one of our favorite cuts, the bone-in pork chop: Fattier Pork Is Better Pork. We enjoyed her recipe for Pork Chops with Tamarind and Ginger.

We still have chickens available! We’ve been really enjoying Buttermilk Fried Chicken lately. Fried in our pastured pork lard, of course. You can buy both chickens and lard as add-ons this month!

We’ve been experimenting with new recipes for ground beef. One of our favorites is this turkish recipe for Spiced Beef Kofta.