Newsletter – August 2017

Expert plant watering

It’s August and we are beginning to get tired, welcoming the shortening days with a bit more sleep, as our work days last from sun up to sun down. The garden is in full swing with produce galore, our chickens are packed away sweetly in the freezer and it’s time to start building as fast as we possibly can. The foundation is being poured today for our new house, and we are furiously felling pine trees and milling beams. It’s sort of a race with old Grandpa Winter to see if the frame gets raised this season or next!

Exciting new update for this month: we are now fully committed to on farm slaughter for all of our animals! This does not mean on-farm processing: the carcasses get loaded into a refrigerated truck and driven to a licensed butcher shop in Spring Green. There they get cut by experts and packaged into some beautiful vacuum-sealed bags ready for your freezer. And table.

It is the month of the chickens. We have some glorious, delicious chickens available this month. They are also large…25% larger than what you might by at the supermarket! Enjoy a couple meals from each bird, as well as some broth, knowing that the longer lives of these critters makes for more delicious and nutritious meat. Because they are a bit larger, cooking times might be a little longer than for recipes that call for smaller chickens, so plan ahead. Chickens need time to come up to room temperature before they are cook, so take the bird out of the fridge at least an hour before you plan to cook it.

We sell whole chickens. They are great for roasting as is, or for grilling or other recipes, they will need to be cut into pieces. Here is a nice video by Mo’s hero, Shannon Hayes, on cutting up a whole chicken.

How to Cut A Pasture-Raised Chicken:

And here are some wonderful chicken recipes for you to enjoy!

Simple Poached Chicken: This is a very simple way to cook a whole chicken when shredded chicken meat is desired for stir fries or chicken salads. It is much like a precursor to making broth, only removing the chicken when the meat is just cooked so it is just done, before it has a chance to be overcooked.

Smoked Chicken: This is one of our favorite ways to prepare whole chickens, especially for guests, as it can be prepared early in the day and reheated to serve a crowd

A whole, smoked chicken, ready for devouring

Roasted Chicken: A simple recipe for roasted whole chicken

Grilled Chicken: Grilling a whole chicken outside is the epitome of summer eating for us

Chicken Rub: A tasty seasoning blend for grilled chicken (and pork chops, too!)

Chicken Bone Broth: With all of the bones and chicken leftovers, make a batch of nourishing broth for your family