Our Favorite Chicken Recipes

We have beautiful, large chickens for sale this and coming months. These are whole chickens, so you are able to enjoy many meals from one bird: all the cuts and then soups and stews from the broth you make from the bones. Here are some recipes we enjoy. Keep in mind that these birds are probably a pound larger than the average chicken sold at the supermarket, so cooking times in recipes will be longer with our chickens. Plan ahead or cook ahead if necessary. Our chickens come with the necks attached because the neck bones make beautiful broth. If you’d like, you can break the bones near the breast and cut off the neck and freeze or add to your stock pot before cooking. Chickens need time to come up to room temperature before they are cook, so take the bird out of the fridge at least an hour before you plan to cook it.

To cut up a chicken: Work with the natural arrangement of the chicken’s limbs. It’s not too hard, the chicken has natural seams. You can do it! Here’s a nice video by Shannon Hayes that illustrates well how to cut one up.

Honey Sage Brine: A brine seasons the meat ahead of time, so its nice and salted before roasting or smoking

Roasted ChickenA simple recipe for roasted whole chicken

Smoked Chicken:  This is one of our favorite ways to prepare whole chickens, especially for guests, as it can be prepared early in the day and reheated to serve a crowd

Grilled Chicken   Grillied chicken eaten outside on the picnic table is the epitome of summer eating for us

Chicken Rub This recipe is adapted from Fleisher’s butcher shop in New York. It makes a lot of rub on the spicier side but we loved it at our house and stored extra for another meal, maybe some pork chops…

Chicken Bone Broth :Save all the bones and leftovers from your chickens and use to make nourishing broth for your family