DIY Portable Solar Electric Fence Energizer

Here’s all the components you need to build your own portable solar fence energizer and save hundreds of dollars. It’s super easy. With this setup, we’re able to keep miles of polywire fence for cattle, and 3+ acres of electronet fencing for sheep through thick brush.

Essential Components:

Premier IntelliShock 20 AC/DC 2.0 Joule Energizer – $169.99

12V Deep Cycle Rechargeable Battery – $69.99

20 amp Solar Charge Controller – $17.99

30W Solar Panel – $49.99

Waterproof Tool Box – $32.36

Grounding Rod Kit: $26.54
Total = $366.86 – Save over $300 off equivalently powered energizer kits. Prices on Amazon subject to change 🙂

Optional Components:

Mallet to pound grounding rods through hard or rocky soil:

Extra Wire to connect battery and charge controller

Wire Stripper and Wire Connector Kit

4-pack of Alligator Clips

Our Favorite Electronet Fence for Sheep:

Our favorite Electronet Fence for Goats