Mint and Feta Hamburgers

We have an abundance of mint on our land. Several different species, some on the hills and some on the banks of the spring. It is lush and succulent right now and we’ve been enjoying it all sorts of ways. For a fresh and lively spring burger, we recommend combining fresh mint with a bit of feta in your patties. Because we are tired and in a hurry most nights, we pan fry many of our burgers on the stove. Not as exciting as grilling, but you can still get a delicious burger. We recommend skipping the bun to get the most flavor from your burger. Don’t be shy with the salt!

Makes three 5-6 oz burgers

1 lb. ground beef (for a good pan sear make sure it’s all the way thawed)

2 tbsp. fresh mint chopped finely

Crumbled feta cheese (local feta will be better, we promise)

Sea salt

Sprinkle the beef with salt and form into 3 patties, 3/4 inches thick. Don’t handle too roughly, but press them out on a plate or waxed paper if you need. Sprinkle one half of the burger with mint and a couple tablespoons of feta cheese or to taste. Then fold the patty over the filling and reshape. Do the same with the remaining beef.

Cook over a hot grill or on your stove. To grill, make a hot and a low side of your grill if possible. With gas a high and a low burner, with charcoal try to get your coals all to one side. Sear on each side, 2-3 minutes per side, then place on the cooler side of your grill to finish cooking until they’re done. Recommended internal temperature: 165. Get used to poking the burgers with your finger to determine doneness. Once you’ve cooked a few and paid attention, you’ll get good at recognizing the perfect medium texture.

Alternatively, heat a well-seasoned cast iron skillet over medium high heat. Brush with a bit of lard or bacon grease if it seems dry, but don’t add olive oil or butter. When hot, add  your burgers. Depending on the size of your burners, you may want to use two (or more!) pans so each burger can sit directly over the heat. Sear on one side, about 3 mintues, then flip and sear for another 3 minutes. If your burgers need more time, lower the heat a bit and watch carefully, flipping again if you need to, but not constantly. When they’re done, remove to a plate.

Let your burgers rest a few minutes under foil while you assemble the plates.

We have bundles of our mint available as an add-on to our Farm Shares this month