No-Kill Shares


We were vegetarians for many years. We understand why some people choose not to eat meat. But just because you’ve chosen not to eat meat, doesn’t mean you can’t support the regeneration of healthy ecosystems!

Introducing the Vegan/Vegetarian No-Kill Share

Your no-kill vegetarian share will support the raising of an animal for a year. It will cover the labor and feed  costs of keeping your animal healthy, happy, and busy restoring degraded landscapes. You’ll have the opportunity to name your animal, and we’ll send you regular photos of your animal in action.

Share Options:

Our cattle eat a lot more than just grass!

No-Kill Cow Share

Our cattle are the most effective ecosystem enhancers. Managing the timing and frequencies of grazing allows us manage our savanna pastures for rapid soil building and carbon sequestration.  Your $300 will help cover the costs of raising your cow for a year.

No-Kill Goat Share


Our goats help transform our hillsides from degraded bare-soil clear-cut woodlands into lush verdant savannas. They help control brush and weeds, and their small hooves do not disturb the soil on our steep hillsides. Your $100 will help cover the costs of raising your goat for a year.