Super Best Friends


Earlier this week, we took our pigs to the slaughterhouse. All except for the two that refused to get on the trailer. That’s was OK because we’d considered leaving two behind to butcher for ourselves anyway, and they just made that decision easy for us. The two left behind swine spent that first afternoon circling the paddock, yelling out, looking for all their friends. After a few hours not finding them, they got really sad and cried a lot. The next day, they teamed up with our two goats and decided that the two crazy farmers and their dogs were their new super best friends and that no silly electric fence was going to stop them from hanging out with those friends. So they busted out of their paddock and spent all day following me and the dogs around. If I were to walk into their paddock, they’ll bust through the fence to get back in. But as soon as I walk out, they bust right back out. They don’t want to escape anywhere or explore, they just want to be with us. So now they follow us up to the cabin site while we work, follow us to do chores for other animals, and even follow us up to the yurt at night and sleep under the deck. When we leave the farm, they go hang out with the cows, but as soon as our car pulls back into the driveway, they come running back. Pretty funny. Kind of annoying sometimes, but mostly funny.


  • Cate ,

    That’s so sweet and sad! They miss their family… the poor wee things. If ever I was to consider vegetarianism, that is the sort of story to do it. But nope… still paleo. Are you going to keep them now? (Alive that is?)

    • ,

      We’re butchering them tomorrow! We’re recovered vegetarians – now paleo 🙂