Starting a Herd


For the last three years we’ve been purchasing stocker cattle (yearling steers) in the spring, and finishing them on grass through rotational grazing. This has worked well, but it’s been difficult to find high quality animals that have been grass-fed their whole lives. Most producers feed grain to steers when they are weened so they grow bigger faster. This practice alters the animal’s rumen making it difficult to fatten on only grass. It also leads to other health problems we’d like to avoid. We also are bummed to have to kill all our animals at the end of every season.

So we decided to take the plunge and start producing our own calves. Today we bought from Hillside Pastures farm in Spring Green, 6 South Devon and 4 Red Angus cows all bred to a Red Devon bull from the Rotokawa line from New Zealand. These are some of the premier genetics for producing high-quality beef on 100% grass. We plan on continually selecting and developing healthy, robust animals that thrive on our farm and produce the highest quality beef possible. We’re super excited to have calves on the farm this year!

With these cows we’ll be able to ensure our animals all live happy and healthy lives and are raised sustainably from birth to death. The way it should be!

  • Juliana Margaret Hess ,

    Congratulations on your new cradle to cradle operation – it is so difficult to get meat that hasn’t been fed GMO grain – you are going to be a life saver for people who are beginning to read the research about the dangers of GMO raised meats, esp. for those with Celiac problems. Thank you.