Feeling the heat

A few days ago I was walking through the cows’ paddock checking the condition of the grass, trees, and shrubs, and checking on the cows’ water supply. Annen, our milk cow, ran up and followed me around the entire time. She always approaches and follows at milking time, but this was in the middle of the afternoon. Kinda weird. A few hours later, I heard her bellowing like she was in intense pain. I’d never heard her make a peep before that. And she looked super healthy and was eating non-stop. Super weird. Then it hit me. She must be in heat!

2013-06-11 10.05.22
Bushwhacking with Mo and Nissa

So I called up a neighboring farmer who I knew owned a few bulls. He told me about a half miniature Jersey bull he has in one of his pastures with a bunch of Holstein heifers and told me to take her on over. That sounded perfect because Annen is a pretty small girl, and I’d rather not see her with a giant holstein or angus. The next morning, I loaded Annen up in the trailer and took her over to the farm.The cows were on the other side of the farm from where the gate was, so we hiked with her through the woods, up and down ravines and valleys till we found the other cows.

2013-06-11 10.11.29

Dexter! What a cute little dude. He was all over Annen. He followed her around and got pretty excited. We decided to leave them alone. We came back and forth in the mornings and evenings for the next few days to milk her, and she would leave the herd and came to meet us every time. We didn’t even need to call her down. After a few days she didn’t seem to be too excited about Dexter or the other cows, so we decided to bring her back. We’re not sure what happened. It might have been too late. We may be taking a trip back to see Dexter just about this time next month. We’ll see!

2013-06-11 10.18.46