A Season of Thanks

This month, Savanna Gardens is celebrating a successful end to their first season at New Forest Farm. Our cows went to market a few weeks ago and are now in their new loving homes just in time for the winter months and stew season. The turkeys have also found new spots in the freezer, ready for Thanksgiving. We completed squash harvest a few months ago and are happy to now only have a few carrots in the ground to tend to. We’ve moved our last remaining chickens into a bigger coop with the family’s flock to be warmer for the cold months. One hen has decided she’d rather live with the duck and six guinea fowl in their coop, adding to the species-confusion. Everyone is snuggling down for the winter, including the humans! We’ve finished updating the tool shed and will move our wood stove in this week!

We want to especially thank everyone who chipped in to make this happen. Thank you to everyone who purchased eggs, squash, chickens, cows and chestnuts from us! We really appreciate your patience and enthusiasm. We are already planning bigger and better things for next year. Keep in touch if you’re interested in a pig, lamb, steer or eggs. It’s a season of gratitude. We at Savanna Gardens, couldn’t be more thankful for you.

Happy Feasting!

our final load of squash headed to Organic Valley
Peter and Turkles