Free Range Hens Ranging Free

The Hens

Our “free-range” hens are finally starting to range freely! Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been slowly transitioning from feeding them in troughs inside the coop, to scattering their grain outside in the grass. This got them into the mode of scratching and picking around in the grass. They now spend all but the hottest part of the day outside, running around and pecking at the ground. Especially at dawn and sunset. They eat some grass and some bugs, but not too much yet. They’re still eating a lot of grain. But they’re getting better! We’ve eaten a few (not much meat, but good for stew), and sold a few, so they are less crowded and much happier now.

The Bunker Chicks

Our little dinosaurs are growing up! They’re outside literally all day hunting bugs or napping in the shade. They’ve taken up the old hay wagon as their afternoon napping/roosting spot (along with Tehya). They only come into the bunker after dark where they huddle and sleep. Sometimes they peck at the leftover grain on the ground after feeding the hens, but they’re pretty much completely self-sufficient. They’re pretty much the coolest little dinos ever.